Active Minerals Technical Center

The Active Minerals Technical Center (AMTEC) located in Eatonton, GA (USA) was established to serve the production locations’ technical needs along with acting as AMI’s corporate center for developing new products and new product applications. The technical center houses several different labs and groups, which work together and independently to support AMI’s targets. Currently, these include:

General Lab Services – The heart of AMTEC is the two large technical labs located on-site. These labs have the capability of testing all of AMI’s crude materials and finished product characteristics along with providing development of products for new specialty markets.

Concrete & Mortar Lab – The concrete lab located at AMTEC supports a wide range of concrete and mortar testing designed to gain the approval of Acti-Gel 208 in customers’ concrete formulations. The technology and equipment at AMTEC provide AMI with a top facility designed to support product sales, compare competitor products, and conduct research and development. The concrete lab is configured to achieve certification from CCRL, AMRL, and DOT’s across the nation.

Slurry Pipeline Lab – With an ever increasing demand for natural resources, many companies have turned to slurry and paste pipelines to transport materials from one location to the other. Although AMI does not require this method, AMI understands the global significance this industry possesses and how Acti-Gel 208 benefits these pipeline systems. Due to this, AMTEC has been outfitted with a pipeline slurry testing lab that has the capabilities to thoroughly evaluate different material characteristics, additives, and provide comparisons on multiple types of slurries through bench-top testing and larger scale dynamic testing in AMI’s mobile flow loop. The mobile flow loop allows AMTEC to evaluate reduced pressure gradients, flow rates, and soft-settling of slurries and pastes treated with Acti-Gel 208 in a true pipeline environment.

Pilot Plant – To compliment the technical labs, AMTEC also contains a fully functional wet-process Pilot Plant. The Pilot Plant can perform all basic functions of a production size facility include centrifuging, spray drying, belt filtering, and calcining.

Exploration and Mine Development – AMI wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for comprehensive mine planning. AMTEC’s location allows the Exploration / Geology Group to be centrally based to our current and future mining campaigns. This optimizes AMI’s ability to efficiently process and evaluate drill cores from multiple localities along with assisting in managing various resource reserves and land properties for a maximum economic benefit.  The results of this can be seen through the various reclamation awards presented to AMI from the Georgia Mining Association. The technical center is another tool AMI is currently using to distinguish itself from the competition and to help invest in all of our futures.