“I am responsible for quality”
“I know what our customers want”
“I ensure our customers’ requirements are met”
“I make us better at what we do”


Bolstered by the strength of an ISO 9001 registered quality system and a dynamic continuous improvement culture, each of these four simple statements embodies the meaning of quality for every employee at Active Minerals.

I am responsible for quality
We see personal responsibility as the cornerstone of our quality system. Each team member understands the critical nature of his or her role in ensuring first run capability and customer satisfaction.

I know what our customers want
Through effective communication and documentation by our customer service and sales teams the entire Active Minerals team understands individual customer needs and their place in meeting them.

I ensure our customers’ requirements are met
Our goal is customer satisfaction the first time, every time. Each of us is empowered to successfully meet our customers’ needs, instilling confidence so they order from us every time.

I make us better at what we do
Built upon a strong framework of continuous improvement systems and tools, the AMI culture is not one that is satisfied with standing still. Our leadership in the industrial minerals marketplace is contingent on a constant passion for better.

Key Systems:

  1. ISO 9001 Registered
    • Company wide on line Quality Management System
    • ISO 9001 certification through ABS Quality Evaluations with a company-wide scope including:
      • All Manufacturing Facilities
      • All Sales and Customer Service Offices
      • US based Technical Centers
      • Macon Engineering and Admin Office
    • Originally certified in 2011 and recertified in 2014, 2017, and 2020
  2. Corrective Action Process
    • Robust system for documenting internal non-conformance and customer issues
    • Root cause analysis and verified action plan process
    • Regular survey of customer satisfaction and incorporation of feedback in improvement plans.
  3. Industry Leaders in Continuous Improvement and 5S
    • Cost of Quality Focus
    • QMS group including a dedicated Continuous Improvement Manager
  4. Testing Laboratories and Quality Manager at each Manufacturing site
    • Gordon:
      • Two Bruker XRFs (Chemistry)
      • Bruker Hand Held XRF (Fe2O3)
      • Leco Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer (C / S)
      • Micromeritics Sedigraph (Particle Size)
      • Hach Spectrophotometer (Sulfate / COD)
      • Micromeritics Surface Area Analyzer (Surface Area)
      • Technidyne S5 Brightness Meter (Color, Brightness)
    • Aiken:
      • Technidyne S5 Brightness Meter (Color, Brightness)
    • Quincy
      • Bruker Icaraus Carbon Analyzer (C)
      • Alpine Air Jet Sieve (Particle Size)
      • Brookfield RS Rheometer (Viscosity)
    • All locations
      • Moisture Balances
      • Wet Sieve Testing Process
      • pH
      • Density
      • State of the art LIMS system for raw material, in process and final product data and statistical trending.
      • Back up analytical equipment at our AMTEC Technical Center.