The safety of employees, customers, vendors, and corporate guests is of paramount importance to all of us at AMI. Our policy is zero tolerance for unsafe activities.

Exceeding Industry Standards

SafetySafe practices are required by various legal entities, such as OSHA and MSHA. AMI employees abide by all such applicable laws and regulations. Local AMI employee safety committees and work groups go far beyond just meeting minimum safety standards. They meet monthly, weekly and in many cases, daily, to review and discuss safe practices and ensure that all affected personnel understand any business or operational changes that may affect their safety, or that of their coworkers. To further insure the safety of employees, AMI has a zero tolerance policy for illegal drug use by its employees and conducts random drug testing at all of its U. S. mining and manufacturing operations.

Product Safety

Product safety is also of concern to AMI management. AMI supports and its personnel are regularly in contact with technical and industry trade organizations that conduct and publish research and guidelines on the best-practice use and handling of products similar to AMI’s. Product data sheets contain information about published science pertaining to the handling and use of AMI products. AMI regularly makes such information available to its current and potential customers.