Improve the Quality and Performance of Your Coatings with....

An easy, tried-and-true method to ensure quality in coatings

  • Improves Workability
  • Prevents Separation
  • Prevents Settling
  • Partially Replaces Costly Rheology Modifiers
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  • Ensuring Quality in Coatings With Attapulgite
  • Min-U-Gel 400 in Paint
  • Min-U-Gel as Cellulose Replacement
  • Dispersion & Dosing Techniques

Improves coating stability, even as a post-add treatment

  • Higher Solids / Low Viscosity
  • Add-on-Top Fix for Syneresis
  • Eliminates Pigment Float
  • Fast Thixotropic Recovery without Hysteresis & Fading

  • Acti-Gel 208 treated mixtures are more stable with no hysteresis. It provides uniform behavior between increasing and decreasing shear.
  • Stability demonstrated by 6 repetitive rheograms made with 1-minute at-rest between each run. 30 minutes total duration.
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Here is what you'll receive
  • Acti-Gel In Coatings
    -Syneresis Fix
  • Acti-Gel in Coatings
    -Replacement of ASE
  • Acti-Gel in Paint and Coatings

Lower cost replacement for standard water-washed kaolins, plus added benefits.

  • Lower Cost
  • More Efficient TiO2 Extender
  • Imparts Higher Sheen and Gloss
  • No Chemical Additives
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  • Acti-MinPG Paint Study
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