concrete-truckACTI-GEL 208® has been used for several years in numerous concrete applications around the world. Functions include spray/pumping/flow aids, water retention, leveling, crack resistance and higher cure strength. In cement based direct-to-steel fire resistant sprayable coatings ACTI-GEL 208® performs all of the above but adds adhesion or anti-slump to the list as well. Our patented ACTI-GEL 208® is used in a wide variety of cementous compounds for rheology control, slump control, adhesion improvement and anti-sag applications in shotcrete.

Kaolin is used in the production of cement for its alumina content. AMI produces low iron, high brightness air floated kaolin for the production of white cement. The highly controlled iron content allows the cement producer excellent oxide control over their process.

Products of choice for this application are: