Paint & Coatings


Over the course of the history of “paint” there have been thousands of producers and even more formulations, each with several dozen ingredients. Original paint formulations were based on readily available, natural plant-based oils, one or more organic solvents, emulsifiers, pigments and driers. Today most paints are “latex” or more accurately, water-based rather than oil-based, and AMI products – very fine gel quality attapulgite, bright air float kaolin clay and fine ground silica – are well suited for both types.

Paint and Coatings

Min-U-Gel® attapulgite grades are used as thixotropes to thicken and control settling and syneresis (phase separation in the paint can). It also reduces roller spatter and sag while improving pigment suspension, film build and hide. Acti-Min® kaolin products offers improved sanding properties for stains and primers, sheen & gloss control in high gloss coatings, and enamel holdout in machine and equipment enamels. In some paint formulations they have demonstrated significant cost reduction by replacing water-washed kaolins while increasing TiO2 extension.

Other coating markets served by AMI’s attapulgite products include foundry coatings, plastisols, asphalt-based coatings and other liquid products such as ink, polishes, wax emulsions, lubricants, detergents, liquid pesticides and foliar fertilizer.

Products of choice for this application are: