Paint & Coatings


Coatings are complex composites designed to have a stable shelf-life, apply easily to a substrate, and provide lasting durability in varied environments. These performance criteria require disparate materials to be finely dispersed and work cohesively, which presents a major challenge as composites can be unstable and ultimately fail at points of inconsistency. A well-known, tried-and-true method to stabilize composites and improve their uniformity is to use high-quality, gel-grade attapulgite mineral products.

Rheology Modification…and Much More

For many decades Min-U-Gel® 400 attapulgite thixotropic thickener has been the best value for low-shear rheology control (flow & leveling, sag control, spatter resistance and more) in a wide range of liquid systems. It is most valued as a reliable stabilizer that is derived by its unique colloidal lathe-shaped particles forming a very stable lattice structure that keeps liquids and particles more evenly dispersed and suspended. The uniformity it creates generates unique multi-functional performance benefits well beyond rheological properties, such as syneresis control, suspension, improved tint strength and hiding, reduced pigment flooding and in-can stability.

Unlike other rheology modifiers, Min-U-Gel® 400 attapulgite product’s viscosity does not fade from prolonged shear and it is impervious to ionic and bacterial conditions. Min-U-Gel® 400 can easily replace other mineral thickeners or partially replace and enhance cellulosic fibers and associative thickeners to lower cost and improve overall coating properties.

Acti-Gel® 208 purified magnesium aluminosilicate provides all the great benefits of Min-U-Gel® 400 but with several added benefits, including increasing solids without raising viscosity. Its lower dosage and easy dispersion makes it an ideal post-add (or add-on-top) fix for syneresis and stability problems, without changing rheology.

In color concentrates, Acti-Gel® 208 provides improved flowability to aid droplet formation and improves long term stability. Its low dosage has no impact on color and 5-10% higher pigment loadings are possible without increasing viscosity.

Cost-Reducing Kaolin Extender Pigment

Air-float kaolins have long been used in a variety of coatings providing desirable performance advantages in enamel holdout, sheen & gloss control, anti-settling, and sanding. Acti-Min® PG kaolin extender pigment’ high brightness and fine particle size allows it to replace higher cost water-washed kaolin products in coatings. Acti-Min® PG provides three distinct advantages over popular water-washed kaolins: lower raw material cost, higher sheen & gloss control and greater TiO2 replacement.

Other coating markets served by AMI’s attapulgite products include foundry coatings, plastisols, asphalt-based coatings and other liquid products such as ink, polishes, wax emulsions, lubricants, detergents, liquid pesticides and foliar fertilizer.

Products of choice for this application are: