RoofingThe roofing market is global in scope and consists of hundreds of manufacturers producing as many different products. Characteristic of the roofing industry is the use of asphalts (petroleum based) and tar/pitches (coal based) materials in one form or another for waterproofing. The bulk of such roofing products are called “roll goods”, “shingles” or “tar paper”. Integral to the above referenced market segment is that roll goods must almost always be sealed, coated or otherwise fabricated into a waterproof membrane. This is commonly accomplished with the application of coatings, adhesives, mastics and sealants to the other components of the roof. It is into these components that AMI’s mineral products are incorporated as functional ingredients.

Key Ingredients

Our gel quality attapulgite and kaolin products provide valuable benefits to the formulator that would be difficult to achieve otherwise, with attapulgite filling the role of reinforcing agent (replacing asbestos in earlier products), thickener, stabilizer and rheology modifier; and AMI’s kaolin fillers providing bulking, oil absorption control and overall cost reduction. Kaolin is also used as a ceramic coating to granules applied to roof shingles.

Since the majority of roofing products are not aqueous systems, all components must be compatible with the asphalt or tar based ingredients. AMI’s gel quality attapulgite is specially formulated to associate with the organic components of the system through highly specific surfactants that essentially emulsify the hydrophilic and organophilic components into a water-in-oil emulsion.

Products of choice for this application are: