Acti-PlexTM is a Pool Plaster Additive used to increase the lifetime of pool plaster and allow for easy plaster repairs. Acti-Plex particles have a unique lattice architecture which reduces settling and sagging, yet allows flow without retarding or accelerating cure. Acti-Plex provides good handling with no tears, air bubbles or shrinkage, while it increases strength, improves workability and clings well to vertical surfaces. Acti-Plex multi-functional admixture is meeting the needs of pool plasters. It makes the plastering job easier and provides a better finished plaster every time.

Acti-Plex adds more benefits to pool plasters than any other additive and, unlike all others, it has no negative attributes. It provides a benefit to every step of the plastering job, from start to finish. Acti-Plex’s main benefits are extended workability, more uniform color dispersion, excellent vertical surface cling, better exposure and reduced cracking. Acti-Plex makes the plaster easier to apply even when it begins to become firm during curing. It also creates a uniform, smaller pore structure.

Many plasters are color pigmented. Acti-Plex disperses the pigments better making color development more uniform giving the plaster a much better look and finish — a key point of satisfaction with the home owner. It makes plastering corner and steps much easier. Exposure and acid washing are critical steps in making the more profitable, luxurious pebble and quartz plaster finishes. The next day the plaster is acid washed and Acti-Plex has proven to make this task easier and leave a better, cleaner finish while reducing the use of acid (saves money). All these benefits and more make the plastering job easier while the improved quality of the finished plaster prevents costly call backs for the contractors.


Acti-PlexTM 是一種專用於池灰泥的添加劑,可增長池灰泥的使用壽命及提高修繕容易度。Acti-Plex 顆粒具有獨特的格狀結構,能減少沉降,允許流動但不會阻礙或加速養護工程。Acti-Plex 易於處理,不會裂縫或收縮,沒有氣泡,但能增加強度,改善可操作性,對垂直面的附著力佳。 Acti-Plex多功能混合物符合池灰泥的需求,不僅能使粉刷灰泥的工作變得輕鬆,最後完成的飾面效果也較佳。Acti-Plex能帶給池灰泥的益處多於其他所有的添加劑,而且沒有其他添加劑的不良性質。它對粉刷灰泥自始至終的每一個步驟都有助益。 Acti-Plex的主要優點在於能提升可操作性,使色散更均勻,對垂直面的附著力佳,曝光更好,龜裂減少。Acti-Plex 使灰泥變得易於粉刷,即使在養護期間灰泥開始變硬時依舊一樣。 它還能創造一種較小的均質構造。許多灰泥具有色素。Acti-Plex 能使色素更均勻地散開,使灰泥的顏色更加均一,同時能大幅改善灰泥的外觀與最後飾面,這是屋主是否滿意的重要關鍵。它也使得在角落與梯面粉刷灰泥變得容易得多。曝光與酸洗是完成獲利較高的豪華鵝卵石與石英灰泥最後一道粉刷的重要步驟。 第二天灰泥必須經過酸洗,而Acti-Plex已經證明能使這工作變得比較容易,且最後的飾面更加美觀潔淨,酸的使用量亦可減少(亦即可節省成本)。這些及其他更多的優點都使粉刷灰泥的工作變得容易,同時能改善最終灰泥飾面的品質,避免因承包商要求重新粉刷而蒙受損失。