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Safety & Environmental Responsibility

Safety and protecting the environment are more than a priority at Active Minerals International; they are part of our core values. There is nothing more important to us than providing the safest possible working environment. The leadership team and all of our employees are focused on achieving and maintaining our goal of zero accidents and injuries.

AMI’s environmental program consists of Air Quality Permits, Storm Water Permits and Wastewater Permits plus Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures.  We operate in compliance with these permits and implement best practices beyond compliance.

AMI Environmental Sustainability Policy

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Exceeding Industry Standards

Federal, state, and local regulations mandate the minimum requirements for safe mining operations. Through a process of continual improvement, our facilities are re-evaluating and implementing new and improved programs that are aligned with industry best practices and that extend well beyond minimum regulatory requirements. A clear example of this has been AMI winning the highest awards in the State of Georgia – for minimizing the environmental effects of mining and returning mined lands to their former state – for each year we reclaimed land (8 of the past 10 years).

We actively participate with local and national associations who are as committed to safety as we are. Together, through networking and shared resources, we are making a difference.

Protecting Our Future

Many of AMI’s owners, managers and employees are outdoor enthusiasts in their personal lives, so preserving the environment is not just the law… it is a passion. Nature has provided the minerals that AMI extracts, processes and delivers to its hundreds of customers globally. However, we have to locate, characterize and extract the minerals where they are available in economic quantities and with the best qualities. Today’s mining methods are highly technical and regulated so as to minimize the effects of this process on the environment.

We use the best science and geology available and the best-practice engineering methods known with respect to mine planning and permitting, overburden removal, extraction of the minerals, reclamation planning, and the execution of a land use restoration plan. Under both Florida and Georgia mining law, the mining company is responsible for the land it disturbs until it has been reclaimed and approved (released) by the state inspectors. This process may take up to three years.

Safety Data Sheets

Our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are revised in accordance with the new Global Harmonization System (GHS).   The SDSs are available in the following formats:  North America, European Union, and Asia Pacific.  Each format addresses specific regulatory requirements in the countries where our products are sold.  Safety Data Sheets are available upon demand at the link below or by calling us at +1-410-825-2920.

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