CON / AGG 2023 The Interviews

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ConExpo 2023

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Joey joins the podcast to catch up with Paul and Josh to put a bow on the 2023 edition of the ConExpo. Joey asks some great questions about the show from a perspective of someone who wasn’t able to attend this year. The guys talk about the best parts of the show and what can be improved, as well as what the industry can look forward to in 2026 for the next edition of ConExpo.

Josh and Paul have survived day 2 and are here to tell the tale. Topics include their first trip in the Vegas Loop Tunnel, all of the in-person interviews and booth tours that will be published for the pod audience, emerging engine technology, tires, grease, and anything else you can think of. Wish you were here!

Paul and Josh discuss all that they were able to take in on a busy first day at the 2023 version of ConExpo in Las Vegas. Tune in to get a first hand recollection of all there is to see, hear, and do at the largest Construction Expo in the Western Hemisphere.

World of Concrete 2023 – Add 10 Gallons Concrete Podcast Exhibitor Interviews

Rooster Tracking

The folks at @roostertracking inform us of their latest asset tracking technology.


Chatting about hybrid diesel engines with @PerkinsEngines at ConExpo 2023.

Chevron Lubricants

Talking grease with @Chevron at ConExpo 2023.



Talking with @BridgestoneChannel at ConExpo 2023 about their construction line of tires.


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