Active Minerals International Announces Price Increase for Kaolin and Attapulgite Mineral Products

October 1, 2018 (Sparks, MD) – Active Minerals International (AMI) announces list prices will increase up to 8% for air-float kaolin and 3% for gel grade attapulgite mineral products. The increase is effective January 1, 2019, and is subject to provisions in individual contracts. Customers purchasing products on a delivered basis will see an additional adjustment due to highly volatile and increasing ocean, truck, and rail freight rates. “The price increases are vital to our efforts in meeting the strong and growing demand for our products,” stated Dennis Parker, President and CEO. “While AMI regularly invests to maintain its leadership in consistent high-quality products, service and environmental stewardship, this past year has seen an extraordinary rise in many raw materials and services. The cost pressures from freight, packaging, labor, health insurance, and mining necessitates an adjustment in our product price.”

AMI’s products add value to a wide range of applications. Kaolin is a key ingredient in fiberglass, a reinforcing filler and extender for rubber, adhesive and sealants, and a functional additive in products for construction, agriculture and others industries. Attapulgite serves as a thixotropic thickener and rheology modifier and suspending agent in paint & coatings, joint tape compound, drilling mud, adhesives and sealants and more. The AMI team is committed to support the growing needs of our customers while providing peace of mind of an uninterrupted supply, on-time shipments and best-in-class custome support.

More information about AMI’s products and services can be found at, or contact us at or +1-410-825-2920.

Active Minerals International LLC is the world’s largest supplier of gel quality attapulgite and air-float kaolin mineral (clay-based) products. Supported by mines, processing plants and storage facilities on five continents, its products are sold throughout the world for industrial, agricultural and construction related applications. The award-winning company is dedicated to conserving natural resources, reclaiming mined land and leaving the Earth a better place.