Active Minerals International Partners with CL Industries to Enhance Pool Plaster Performance

Houston, TX – October 27, 2023 – Active Minerals International, a leading provider of innovative mineral solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with CL Industries, a premier manufacturer of pool finishes and deck coatings. Through this collaboration Active Minerals’ Acti-Plex® multi-function admixture is now being integrated into CL Industries’ pool plaster offerings.

Acti-Plex® advanced admixture brings value added enhanced performance to CL Industries’ high-quality products. This addition aligns with Active Minerals International &  CL Industrie’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality and value to their customers.

Key benefits of Acti-Plex include:

  • Improved pumpability of plaster materials, facilitating smoother application processes.
  • Enhanced vertical setting properties, ensuring consistent and reliable pool plaster installation.
  • Improved workability, allowing for easier and more precise plaster application.
  • Capability to suspend larger aggregate mixtures, resulting in a more even distribution of materials.
  • Potential to minimize check cracking, leading to longer lasting and visually appealing pool finishes.


Notably, Acti-Plex seamlessly integrates with CL Industries’ products. Pool professionals and contractors can expect Acti-Plex to optimize their plastering procedures, without altering mixing, water, and placement requirements.

As of September 1st, customers began to experience the benefits of Acti-Plex enhanced pool plaster from CL Industries, reflecting the commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in pool finish solutions.