Active Minerals Introduces Crop Protectant Pesticide and Sunblock

March 10, 2020 (Sparks, MD). Active Minerals International announces expansion of their product offerings to the Agricultural market. They are excited to add an EPA registered crop protectant pesticide and sunblock to their portfolio of mineral products used as functional additives in pesticides, fertilizers, seed coatings, and liquid animal feed supplements. Introduced as Acti-Min™ FE Kaolin, the product has received federal EPA registration and is for sale and use in 48 states and the District of Columbia; it has not been registered for sale and use in CA and OR. The company is also currently seeking OMRI Listed status for this mineral product.

Acti-Min™ FE is an air-floated kaolin product, made by a minimal and efficient mineral refining process that allows for significant cost savings over expensive water-washed and calcined kaolins. As written in the EPA label, Acti-Min FE forms a barrier film that acts as a broad spectrum agricultural crop protectant for controlling damage from listed insects, mite, and disease pests. When used as a growth enhancer, sunburn and heat stress protectant, and applied at recommended rates and frequencies, benefits such as increased plant vigor and improved yields may occur on treated fruit and nut trees. The full EPA label with recommended usage rates and frequencies is available on the Active Minerals website

The product was officially launched and met with great interest this January at the Florida Citrus Show in Ft. Pierce, FL. Donna Kidd, Vice President of Sales, had the following to say about participation in the show, “We are very encouraged by the warm reception and great interest from the Florida Citrus industry. Active Minerals looks forward to serving the industry and growing the usage of this cost-effective pesticide solution based on kaolin clay.” The show also garnered keen product interest from agricultural research organizations. The product is approved for use on citrus, apple, and pear fruit crops as well as several other fruit, tree nut, berry, and vegetable crops. Availability is in 50 lb bags, through a growing distribution network and retail locations. A full list of retail locations is available on the company website

About Active Minerals:
Active Minerals International (AMI) produces a wide range of high-quality attapulgite and air-floated kaolin clay products at multiple operations in the Southeastern United States. The award-winning company is dedicated to conserving natural resources, reclaiming mined land and leaving the Earth a better place. Through mines, processingnplants and storage facilities in the United States, Asia, and Europe, AMI delivers high quality industrial mineral products that are used by industries and organizations across the world. A knowledgeable and dedicated team of geologists, engineers, chemists, sales, and customer service professionals ensure that AMI supplies high-quality, cost-effective mineral products worldwide.

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