Laura Hutt (Founder/Director – Women In Steel Toes Podcast) joins the podcast for Episode 21.

Sparks, MD – August 25, 2021 – In Episode 21 The podcast welcomes Laura Hutt of the Women In Steel Toes (WIST) Podcast to the show. Laura talks about the mission of the WIST Podcast: bringing women awareness of the concrete industry, and how to join and succeed in the industry. Her podcast is at 11 episodes and counting; covering topics such as apprenticeship programs, women in trades programs, following the path of development and success of other women in the industry, and more.

Laura also speaks about her background, the origin of the podcast and her social media platforms, her favorite parts of the jobsite, and of course the craziest thing she’s see on the jobsite to date.

Episode 21 of the Add 10 Gallons Concrete Podcast is available on all major podcast platforms. Additional content is available by searching “add 10 pod” on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

The show hosts are all part of the Active Minerals International (AMI) technical development team dedicated to the concrete industry.  AMI produces Acti-Gel® 208 purified magnesium aluminosilicate, a high performance mix stabilizer, and rheology modifier used in a wide variety of cement-based applications.

The Add 10 Gallons Concrete Podcast was launched in 2020 to benefit the concrete industry. Show hosts and concrete engineers Paul Fendley, Joey Bell, and Josh Hare explore and discuss industry news, trends, upcoming events, and more amongst themselves and with experts from all facets of the industry. Guests will offer insight and expertise on topics such as ready mix production, materials, QC, equipment, academia, engineering, and many other areas of the industry.

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