Acti-Min® FE

OMRI Listed Crop Protectant & Sunblock

Agricultural markets utilize AMI products in a wide variety of applications.

Certain kaolin products are designed as an EPA approved and OMRI listed pesticide and OMRI listed solar protection for fruits and vegetables. Another serves as an economical EPA approved inert ingredient in herbicide and pesticide formulations applied both pre- and post- harvest.


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    Use as a Crop Protectant

    Acti-Min® FE kaolin pesticide is EPA approved and OMRI listed. Its particles form a barrier film, which acts as a broad spectrum agricultural crop protectant for controlling damage from listed insects, mite, and disease pests. It also reduces environmental stresses caused by sunburn and heat stress. Not for sale or use in CA or OR.

    Refer to the Acti-Min FE EPA-approved product label before using the product. Follow all applicable directions, restrictions and precautions:
    Click here to view and download the EPA label.

    Retail availability of Acti-Min FE:
    Click here to view and download the retail availability document.

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    Sunburn and Heat Stress Protectant

    Acti-Min® Sunblock kaolin-based mineral product is OMRI listed. When properly applied to plant leaves and fruit, forms a dry white barrier film that can provide protective benefits to agricultural crops. Through independent studies1 and a decade of AMI’s Acti-Min kaolin products in commercial field experience, kaolin mineral film barriers have shown effectiveness in reducing plant stress, minimizing sunburn, and enhancing growth across a multitude of crops.

    1Whitewashing Agriculture, Agricultural Research Magazine, November 2000, Pgs 14-17.
    Holding crop with kaolin protectant

    EPA Approved Inert Ingredients for Pesticides and Herbicides

    Acti-Min® DX kaolin mineral product is an economical EPA approved inert ingredient for pesticide and herbicide formulations applied both pre- and post- harvest. It is a high quality, finely pulverized, low residue, air-float kaolin clay product. It is designed to serve as an economical diluent with low oil absorption and provide a low viscosity in liquids.

    Min-U-Gel® 200 and 400 attapulgite mineral products are EPA approved inert ingredient for pesticide and herbicide formulations. They are also high performing, economical additives for controlling rheology  and syneresis. Min-U-Gel product’s thixotropic thickening and suspension properties stabilize mixtures and enables easy spraying and pumping. They also serve as carriers. Applications include foliar sprays, wettable powders (WP), water-dispersible granules (WDG) and water-reducible (WR) pesticides. High purity Acti-Gel® 208 attapulgite provides the same performance benefits but adds a unique value in allowing a higher solids level without increasing viscosity.

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