Kaolin & Attapulgite Applications for Adhesives

Adhesives, Caulks and Sealants

The adhesives industry encompasses many different types from high tech polymer based to low tech asphalt based materials. Due to the increasing promulgation of regulations that limit volatile organic content (VOCs) in adhesives and coatings, water based formulations are rapidly gaining in popularity in most industrial nations of the world.

AMI’s gel quality attapulgite is uniquely qualified to impart the necessary thixotropic characteristics to these finished products. The product of choice for water-based adhesives is MIN-U-GEL® 400 attapulgite product, a hydrous magnesium aluminosilicate with gelling and rheological properties used to thicken, control flow and stabilize aqueous systems against settling. It also an effective control for syneresis and settling to provide a stable shelf-life. MIN-U-GEL 400 can be used alone or in conjunction with associative thickeners where a low shear thixotrope is needed to support the high shear thixotropy of the associative thickener.

Used as Fillers & Reinforcing Extender Pigments

AMI’s kaolin mineral products offer a range of controlled particles size distributions. Their particle shape and size allow them to extrude well and be slow to settle. Coupled with their low residue, low oil absorption and low free moisture, they are widely used as fillers and reinforcing extender pigments for adhesives, caulks and sealants.

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silicone glue and glue to weld the glass and aluminum
workman using silicon glue in sealant tube to insulating and making better waterproof window frame
man sealing roof
Repairman hand installing the windows with gun silicone. closeup


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