Kaolin Products for the Fiberglass Industry

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Glass factories are large and very capital and energy intensive. Excessive start-up time, down time and breakage can significantly affect the economics of glass making, so consistency of raw material and reliability of supply are critical.

AMI’s product quality, logistical expertise and technical support all come together to the maximum benefit of AMI’s glass customers. From its Georgia, USA mines and processing plant, AMI is a global supplier of high quality kaolin products to this industry.


Producing fiberglass rods - manufacture of composite reinforcement
kaolin for fiberglass
composite material fiberglass
glass fiber composite raw material background
Producing fiberglass rods - manufacture of composite reinforcement, industry for construction

AMI’s Acti-Min® FG-5 kaolin product is a specially produced air-floated clay for use in the manufacture of e-glass type fiberglass used for yarn and reinforcement. Selectively mined and tightly controlled for coarse particles and chemistries, Acti-Min® FG-5 product serves as the primary source of alumina, optimizes the customer’s melting process and reduces or eliminates process upsets related to the kaolin portion of the formulation.

composite material fiberglass

Our logistics and customer service teams work closely with the plant and customers to maintain our exceptional record of in-spec/on-time deliveries. With strategic partnerships in various modes of transport, we optimize our supply chain services so customers have an uninterrupted supply, despite land and sea transport disruptions as well as pandemics and catastrophic storms, both here and abroad. AMI delivers to 70+ locations worldwide and is recognized as a Top 100 U.S. Exporter.

Producing fiberglass rods - manufacture of composite reinforcement, industry for construction


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