Kaolin for the Rubber Industry


AMI serves many diverse segments of the rubber industry with a broad product line of air-float kaolin clay products (hydrated magnesium aluminum silicates). Our products are specially designed with unique characteristics critical to rubber compounds that are backed by consistent quality and a high level of customer service.

rubber sole of shoe

Reinforcing Filler Clays

Acti-Min® RG, ChampionTM, Crown ClayTM  and SECCO ClayTM kaolin reinforcing fillers all have naturally fine particles size distributions (92%< 2 micron). In the rubber industry they are commonly referred to as hard clays” as they provide reinforcing properties in a wide range of natural and synthetic rubber compounds. These products are all produced at our Aiken, SC operation.

Acti-Min® PG air-float kaolin reinforcing filler is selectively mined and processed for higher brightness and lower residue. It’s very fine and narrow particle size distribution in the 0.25 micron range gives better TiOextension properties plus higher gloss and sheen control compared to more expensive standard water-washed kaolin products. It’s most useful in white rubber compounds, and sealants, caulks, paint coatings and primers that are off-white and tinted.


Timing belt for motor in store

Extender / Filler Pigments

Acti-Min® RP-2RP-80SA-1 and WC-5 kaolin extender pigments all have coarser particle size distributions (86-54% < 2 microns). In the rubber industry they are commonly referred to as soft clays as they are excellent for high filler loadings and extending resins in foam rubber products, rubber shoe soles, vehicular floor mats, and other rubber compounds that are molded and cured into many sizes and shapes throughout the world. They are also excellent high loading fillers for a wide variety of adhesives, caulks and sealants. These products are all produced at our Gordon, GA operation.


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