Acti-Cast® ECS Engineered Casting System*

Plastic Slip Component

Consistent Casting with Reduced Cost and Predictable and Faster Castings

Reliable casting slip performance requires excellent control of oxides, particles size and plasticity… all are designed into Acti-Cast® ECS Engineered Casting System* for sanitaryware. With Acti-Cast ECS product a complete replacement of ball clays and all other plastic components simplifies slip formulations and preparation. This system is especially well-suited for pressure casting.

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Ceramic toilet products, in a workshop production line

The high purity of Acti-Cast ECS product eliminates the extra processing steps used on ball clays to remove sulfur, lignite, excessive silica fines, and more. Slips made with Acti-Cast ECS plastic component do not need extended aging and constant adjustments. Batches can move more quickly to casting with predictable and consistent performance leading to higher yields and lower operating costs.

The near absence of fine silica particles, combined with engineered capillary action, allows Acti-Cast ECS-based slips to cast faster and with fewer defects. After demolding, the cast piece is sufficiently dry with enough green strength to go directly to first stage finishing and firing.

Reduce Manufacturing Cost

Each step in sanitaryware manufacturing benefits from the predictable and improved performance provided by Acti-Cast ECS plastic component. Significant cost savings are achievable in:

• Raw Material Handling – One engineered plastic component replaces ball clay and kaolin blends from multiple vendors

• Processing – No slip aging, little to no slip adjustments, accelerated casting and finishing, and lighter body color that can reduce glaze costs

• Yield – Faster production rates with reduced defects and repair time

• Extended Mold Life – Through significant reduction in ultra-fine silica, lignite and other organic compounds compared to ball clays.

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*Acti-Cast® ECS Engineered Casting System is a Patent Pending Product

Ceramic toilet products, in a workshop production line


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