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Acti-Gel® 208 in Concrete Applications

Acti-Gel® 208 high-performance additive for the concrete industry that will enhance nearly any concrete application. With the ability to eliminate segregation and reduce bleeding, Acti-Gel 208 additive provides a pumpable, flowable, yet stable concrete product. From Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) to Concrete Paving, Acti-Gel 208 additive stabilizes the mix and provides the perfect concrete for almost any project.

Concrete with attapulgite additive


Increase Manufactured Sand Usage


Acti-Gel® 208 additive revolutionizes concrete to help concrete producers realize material cost savings on every cubic yard. Our robust additive enables the concrete producer to increase the % of manufactured sand by up to 100%, thereby replacing the higher cost and scarcer supply of natural sands.

The product maintains the quality and workability of the concrete while saving money on every batch. It works well with all additives.

Benefits of Acti-Gel 208 additive use with manufactured sand in concrete include:

  • Consistent air content
  • Improved compaction
  • Increased density
  • Enhanced finishability, workability, and pumpability
  • Increase the quality of the mix
  • Save $/yd3 on every batch


Acti-Gel® 208 admixture in Concrete Block

Acti-Gel 208 additive stabilizes dry cast mixtures, improves paste quality, and provides efficient cement hydration. Acti-Gel 208 additive enables a reduction in cement content by up to 15% while maintaining strength, stability, and durability.



Acti-Gel® 208 additive in Ready Mix Concrete

Acti-Gel 208 low-dose rheology modifier and anti-settling agent dramatically improves the performance and paste quality of concretes. By adding a few pounds of Acti-Gel 208 product per yard of concrete, our mineral additive transforms almost any concrete mix into a stable, workable, and consistent concrete.

Acti-Gel 208 additive will improve the quality of concrete when optimized into specific concrete formulations. The product can also be used in any mix design to recover the slump of concrete mixes that may be rejected on the job site for no other reason than the slump is above specification.

The product has the ability to pump low-slump lightweight, stabilize high-slump piling grouts, develop creamy paving mixes, and much, much more.

Acti-Gel 208 product is currently state approved by MDSHA (MD), VDOT (VA), ALDOT (AL), TDOT (TN), NDOR (Nebraska), NYDOT (NY), SCDOT (South Carolina), and NYC-MTA. Active Minerals earned a certification from NTPEP # CADD-2020-01-107. Completed projects and satisfied customers cover the Pre-Cast industry, Ready Mix industry, Dry-Cast block/pavers, and pre-packaged stucco, mortars, and grouts.



Acti-Gel being used in the construction of a Barrier Wall

SLIPFORM/EXTRUSIONS Acti-Gel® 208 in Slipform and Extruded Concrete

Acti-Gel 208 additive stabilizes the mix to allow a producer to deliver slip-form mix designs that measure a higher slump than ever used before in these applications. Whether slip-form machines are making curbs, pavements, or highway barrier walls, the product will make a four inch slump concrete stand straight on end out of the machine. The result is a creaminess and superior finish that is unparalleled in the current market. Acti-Gel 208 additive can eliminate the pains incurred when trying to finish a low-slump extruded mix due to our enhancement of the available cement paste.

The same concept works for hollowcore applications in the prestressed industry.

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Acti-Gel® 208 additive in Lightweight Concrete

Acti-Gel 208 additive benefits lightweight concrete in two distinct ways: pumpability and finishing. Projects notice consistent, improved pumpability even when slumps vary from load to load. Concrete finishing becomes easier as the product provides a slick, creamy concrete for finishers to work. With Acti-Gel 208 additive it is possible to pump low slump lightweight concrete when aggregates are not properly conditioned due to extenuating circumstances at the plant.

Elimination of segregation means that in lightweight concrete Acti-Gel 208 product will keep the aggregates contained evenly throughout the plastic mix while providing high-quality cement paste on the surface for enhanced workability. Click on our testimonials to learn more about recent projects utilizing Acti-Gel 208 additive in lightweight concrete.

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creamy texture for lightweight concrete mix

Acti-Gel® 208 Additive in Shotcrete and Gunite

Acti-Gel® 208 product promotes a cohesive concrete that stabilizes nearly the instant energy is removed from the system. This natural phenomenon is perfect for shotcrete and gunite where high lifts, thick walls, and one-pass overhead applications are desired.

As a Shotcrete Additive

Wet mix shotcrete can be dosed with Acti-Gel 208 additive at the ready mix plant or on the job site. Our mulchable bags work well in shotcrete and only take a few minutes to break down and disperse the additive. The product will instantly make a stable, pumpable, and cohesive shotcrete mix that will impress the nozzlemen, pump operator, and finisher. Acti-Gel 208 additive works well in civil, residential, geotechnical, underground, and architectural shotcrete.

As a Gunite Additive

Dry mix gunite can be dosed with Acti-Gel 208 product in pre-packaged cement/sand bags or directly into the auger of a volumetric truck. Contact us for mixing and dosing instructions.

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Acti-Gel® 208 Additive in Precast and Pre-Stressed Concrete

Acti-Gel 208 additive has the unique ability to stabilize the mix and enhance the quality of the cement paste. With a more robust cement paste, it delivers a superior off-form finish for nearly every precast/pre-stressed member. Reduced shrinkage, high-early strengths, and elimination of bug holes are just a few of the benefits often noticed when optimizing a mix design with the additive.

Acti-Gel 208 product has been used in heated beds and non-heated beds across the world to produce near flawless pieces where it was difficult to get a nice, durable finish. It works with conventional concrete, dry cast, and self-consolidating concrete (SCC).

Acti-Gel 208 additive will help produce precast/pre-stressed concrete that will make a company proud to stamp their name onto it and send it down the road.

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