Patent Pending

June 2, 2023 – Active Minerals International, LLC has developed thermally-activated attapulgite clay that can be used to pre-treat feedstocks for renewable fuels such as biodiesel, renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel. Through the patent-pending production process, the clay shows an enhanced affinity for contaminants such as metals and phosphorous that are detrimental to the refinery catalyst. This development product effectively removes these contaminants from a variety of feedstock sources including soybean oil, used cooking oil, and more.

The product may show improved performance compared to standard bleaching clays. Due to its high efficiency, a lower clay dosage may be achieved. This may result in reduced bleaching and disposal costs and improved overall yield. Because of the rodlike porous structure of the base mineral, higher filtration rates may also be realized, improving refinery throughput.

The product may be added to the feedstock after degumming and then removed during filtration. Typical dosage rates will vary based on the contaminant profile of the feedstock and should be determined by bench testing. The addition of filter aids such as diatomaceous earth or perlite may be required to achieve the optimal balance of flow rate and contaminant removal.



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