Active Minerals International Announces 2021 Price Increase

December 14, 2020
SPARKS, MD — Active Minerals International, LLC (AMI) announced today a list price increase for all products effective January 1, 2021. Our portfolio of Air-Float Kaolin, Gellent Attapulgite, and Acti-Gel® 208 rheology modifier products will increase 5.0% to 8.0% depending on packaging and shipping. Contract prices will remain in effect for the remainder of the negotiated terms.

Active Minerals regards customers as industry partners, supporting them through assurance of supply and reinvestment in our plants, mines, quality, and personnel. This ensures that AMI continues to operate with the tools necessary to meet growing demands, deliver quality products on-time, and ship product in specification with a high focus on customer service.

Rising costs primarily in production, shipping, and environmental compliance have contributed to this necessary price increase. Passing on a portion of these costs allows Active Minerals to remain vigilant in driving innovative operational efficiencies and support best-in-class logistics while maintaining the high quality and service that our customers depend on. Active Minerals remains committed to our valued customers and their growing needs.

AMI encourages anyone with questions or seeking more information about our products to contact their individual sales representative or visit