Attapulgite “Salt Gel” in Oilfield Applications

Houston, TX, June 1, 2023 — Active Minerals International (AMI), a leading organization in producing gel grade attapulgite, is excited to announce participation and presentation at the Oilfield Minerals & Markets Forum held in Houston in early May. The conference served as a platform for industry experts and innovators to explore key issues relating to mineral usage in the oilfield market.

Thomas Cortner, Oilfield Products Sales Manager at AMI, delivered the highly informative presentation titled “Attapulgite Supply and Oilfield Applications.” With a deep understanding of attapulgite’s rheological benefits in drilling mud and the industry’s challenges, Mr. Cortner showcased the exceptional potential of attapulgite in high salt environment drilling operations.

Attapulgite, a naturally occurring clay mineral with a rod like structure, was identified as a game-changing viscosity modifier in drilling mud in high salt, high pressure, and high heat environments. In his presentation, Mr. Cortner highlighted attapulgite’s ability to improve drilling fluid performance by optimizing its rheological properties and enhancing suspension capabilities.

A more detail excerpt from the presentation is available on the Active Minerals website at

Thomas Cortner, International Sales Manager