Production of raw materials needed for Hurricane recovery resumes following storm

SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 (Sparks, MD) – Active Minerals International (AMI), the world’s largest supplier of high-quality gel grade attapulgite and air-floated kaolins for tape joint compounds, paint coatings, asphalt roof coatings, and other industries, resumed full plant operations today to meet the supply, service, and quality needs of its customers following Hurricane Irma. The company’s three manufacturing plants are located over a 300-mile area spanning Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina – all in the path of the historic storm.
Active Minerals’ strategic planning combined with Irma’s weakening strength, as it traveled across all of AMI’s mining and mineral processing operations, contributed to AMI’s prompt return to full functionality once public utilities restored electric power. “We activated controlled shutdowns the weekend before the storm to ensure our employees could be safe at home with their families,” said Dennis C. Parker, AMI President. Our thoughts continue to be with all the people who suffered severe damage.”

Beginning September 4, the company began putting its Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan into effect. This included:

• Filling all clay sheds to full capacity
• Maximizing production and securing inventory of finished goods
• Securing sites to minimize damage from rain and wind
• Accelerating open orders to move them out before the storm
• Accelerating transfer of export orders to ports in time for shipment before the storm
• Notifying customers about the intended effects of AMI’s preparedness plans

Parker further expressed gratitude to the local communities in and around Quincy, Gordon, and Aiken for their efforts to prepare for the storm and their readiness to assist people in need.

Active Minerals will resume domestic and export shipments tomorrow at the same time it resumes manufacturing. Its three plants ship such product lines as Min-U-Gel® attapulgite and Acti-Min® kaolin products to overseas customers primarily through the
Savannah, GA port, which also announced their reopening tomorrow. “Our Aiken and Quincy plants supply key ingredients for the production of a wide range of construction materials – tape joint compound for gypsum dry wall, paint coatings, asphalt roof coatings, adhesives and sealants – which will be in high demand locally for rebuilding areas affected by both hurricanes Irma and Harvey,” said Donna Kidd, AMI’s Vice President of Sales. “Active Minerals stands ready to immediately meet all our customers’ requirements – domestically and internationally – through this period of increased demand in the U.S.”

Manufacturers of tape joint, paints, coatings, sealants, caulks, and adhesives interested may contact Active Minerals International at 410-825-2920 or

Active Minerals International LLC (AMI) is a worldwide leader in the production and marketing of kaolin and gel quality attapulgite clay minerals. Its products are sold throughout the world for industrial, agricultural and construction related applications. AMI is the world’s largest supplier of gel quality attapulgite (clay) and is the largest supplier of air-float kaolin to the glass manufacturing process.