Covid Response

Dear Stakeholders,

As COVID-19 continues to show effects the world-over, Active Minerals International, LLC (AMI)  has created this webpage to provide the most visible report on our current response to the pandemic. Previous updates posted in our News section are superseded by this web page.

AMI is a forward-thinking company that strives to be prepared for internal and external challenges to business operations in order to maintain the consistent quality, on-time and in-spec delivery, and customer service our partners expect. This preparedness led us to establish a Pandemic Response Team (PRT) and Pandemic Policy in place long before the global crisis hit. We are proud to say that our advanced planning enabled us to continue to be a strong and reliable supplier of air-float kaolin and gellant quality attapulgite during all types of disruptions such as hurricanes and this pandemic.

The US Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has listed mine workers as essential critical infrastructure workers and deemed miners vital to the national effort against the COVID-19 pandemic.  As such, AMI is an essential business and allowed to operate in full during the pandemic.

Please read below for more information on how AMI has and will continue to deal with the changing crisis. We wish you well and good health.


Our internal Pandemic Response Team (PRT) is monitoring and reviewing COVID-19 guidance from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and other relevant government agencies. The PRT is also closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 at the local level to keep us prepared for the potential effects additional widespread outbreaks could have on our operations.

Plant Operations:

  • AMI remains fully operational and the ability to supply our Kaolin and Attapulgite products continues to be strong.
  • Upon entering our mining and plant operations, all employees have their temperatures tested. Those registering 100.1 or higher will be self-quarantined and will need a doctor’s approval to return to work.
  • Active Minerals International, LLC (AMI) operates mining and mineral processing facilities in the States of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina where non-essential business and personal dealings have been subject to changing restrictions as a result of the coronavirus.

In the event of renewed restrictions, employees, vendors, and contractors have been supplied with letters advising local authorities that their work and travel is done in conjunction with or as part of an essential business.


  • Export Orders: During the crisis AMI has seen increased vessel schedule changes and fewer rotations due to a greater increase in blank sailings, omissions of service to ports and short notices of alternative sailings due to the impact of COVID-19 coupled with tariff pressures. This has affected our ability to meet requests for shipments to arrive as soon as possible. In addition, vessel lead times are exceeding the typical 6 to 10 weeks and booking security is not guaranteed as the planned sailing may or may not occur.  While we are facing no constraints on our production process, most export orders are experiencing delays based on available vessel space and sailings and it remains difficult to accommodate specific requested ETAs.
  • Domestic Orders: In the US, trucking, rail, and other logistic services could be impaired in relation to the changing dynamics of the pandemic and government restrictions.
  • Customer Inventory: AMI encourages all customers to maintain or increase inventory above normal levels. We will make every attempt to meet customer requirements but may not be able to meet a request for expedited shipping due to lack of shipping availability.  As your partner, AMI is committed to providing the most cost effective and timely logistics.

Ongoing Response Actions:

PRT Actions:

  • Continual monitoring of CDC guidelines
  • Revised Infectious Disease Control Policy to address COVID-19
  • Implemented FFCRA entitlements including mandatory posting

Office Location Actions:

  • Fitness for Duty Health Screening prior to entry includes employees, contractors and visitors
  • Masks are encouraged and readily available
  • Workstations are at least 6” feet apart
  • Social distancing throughout
  • Disinfection of common areas
  • Encourage frequent hand washing
  • Providing hand sanitizer; encouraging frequent use
  • Providing signs for employees to post if they prefer others wear masks when interacting with them
  • Allowing employees to attend meetings remotely via Teams
  • Limiting visitors to only those essential
  • Limiting contractors to only those essential

Company Wide Actions:

  • Banning international travel
  • Limiting domestic travel to essential
  • Provided temporary telecommuting March – May (Phased out in June)
  • Approval of extensions to telecommute for those with medical documentation for increased risk(s) and/or for those with daycare closures as a result of COVID-19
  • Periodic requests for guidance from health insurance and workers’ compensation brokers

The COVID-19 situation remains very dynamic and we will provide updates as we learn more. We are confident in our PRT and AMI Operations’ ability to manage our response.  AMI is committed to delivering the superior service and support that our customers expect throughout this situation.  Should you have additional questions, please contact your Sales or Customer Service Representative so we can ensure a prompt answer.


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