Florigel HY


Florigel HY is a high-performance attapulgite clay viscosifier for drilling fluid applications. It is often referred to as “salt gel” due to its ability to maintain drilling fluid rheology in challenging salt formations. Unlike other viscosifiers, the rheological properties of Florigel HY suspensions are not affected by high salt concentrations as the viscosity is derived mainly from mechanical interactions.


This versatile product can be used in conventional water-based muds in the presence of evaporite minerals or as a viscosifier in saltwater drilling fluids.

With its high yield point and gel strength, Florigel HY is also effective in reducing barite sag and can be easily combined with filtration control additives, such as starch or carboxymethylcellulose, to overcome high inherent fluid loss.

Florigel HY is available in various packaging options, including 50 lb bags and bulk rail, to meet your specific needs.

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